Become a member

Our members give us a secure source of income that allows us to continue with our activities. This allows us to set up short and long-term projects.

With your help we can carry out our activities in Belgium and in our partner countries, and continue to support our partners in the South.

  • For 15 euros/year you can become a member CATAPA
  • For 35 euros/year you can become a member and financial backer of Catapa giving us a good pat on the back. You will recieve our photographic book as a gift!

Enter your details (name, address and date of birth) on the contact form and make the payment to the account CATAPA BE49 9795 2861 7871 stating "your name + membership fee 2018"

You will remain a member for the year in which you made the payment. If you became a member after August 31, you will remain a member until 31 December of the following year.