Katy Jenkins, Hugo Romero Toledo and Inge Boudewijn

This workshop marks the start of a project focused on developing innovative participatory methodologies to examine the political, ecological and socio-economic transformations brought about by large scale mining operations in the Atacama Desert in northern Chile, with a particular focus on gender

Evans Tembo, Billy Lombe, Dennis Mubangalala, Matthew Kalabo

Series of reports written by Youth Environment Network.

Anna Backmann and Christian Wimberger

Before we get to meet the people of Arcatao, friends from our Salvadorian partner organisation CRIPDES take us for a tour across the small Central American country – as preparation for the plebiscite on November 8th.

Clémentine Pinet

« Quels sont les impacts sociaux et environnementaux d’une exploitation minière  aurifère ? »  Analyse de ces impacts à travers le cas de la Mine Yanacocha dans la province de  Cajamarca au Pérou.

This document is written in French.

Tom Butler

31 October 2016

By Tom Butler, CEO, International Council on Mining and Metals

Renan Poveda, et al

Peru is the world’s second largest producer of silver, third largest producer of zinc, fourth
largest producer of lead, fifth largest copper producer, and the sixth largest producer of
gold. Richly endowed with other natural resources as well (including natural gas,

Froukje Kuijk, Prof. Guido Wyseure

In Northern Peru water scarcity in the dry season is a real challenge, especially for agriculture. This issue augmented in the early 1990s by the introduction of Minera Yanacocha S.R.L, the second largest gold mine in the world.