Wouter Demuynck is active in the CVBA Schipperskaai Development. He gives advice and consultancy regarding Real Estate planning, (re-)development, design, investment and management. His specialties are Real Estate Development & Management, sustainability and energy management.

Walter Lotens is moral philosopher, globetrotter and Latin-America watcher. He writes as a freelancer for different newspapers and magazines and gives lectures and clarifications about these themes.

Expertise: Certified Jewellery

Expertise: Impact of Artisanal Mining in Congo

Expertise: Oil Extraction in Tropical Forests

Expertise: Mining geology (project development)/Mineral Economics

Inspirer of Building 2.0, green building, vertical green and wall gardens. Teun Depreeuw is also an expert on building with shells.

Expertise: International relations and politics

Expertise: Artisanal Mining Research in DR Congo, Company-Community Relations in DRCongo and Ghana